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AG Davis - Five Poems

AG Davis was born in LubbockTexas in 1984. He is a sound poet, performance artist, and author of the hypermodernist novels Bathory and Glass, both published by Abstract Editions in 2016 and 2018, respectively.



further are broken
regional brain settles
operative events reflective,
infra-snowing of the same
dropped vague bodies in
electric glow of
perceived linearity /

denaturing generates
conspectus easily
deprived for ricocheted
via sadist,
the flight as
a pattern in observation,
touching the waves for
parallel motility,
reading hints of straw
as a child knows
naive impressions:
the lost as a result of
fixture and dead moisture /

as language flowers anality
in chromatic market measures,
records goodbyes to the
body as a final exit,
the prey voids medians,
amounted to corrupt  
views, the hired mythos
flagrant with cess-rule
to halt the mouthing halos of
the manifold trees
halting our barren clocks,
responds to a quivering whip
of devalued
stairs, eyes of wings,
a variety of readymade persons /

notate the deliberate hereafter
beside the inchoate touchups of
a mock-''reality'',
as the recovery of incalculable
futures predates any counting
between wordless beheadings
(for analysis of these seeds,
a simple mind-script dipped
in necrotic ink,
a restoration of the simulated
worm regarding
Eden's rhizomatic ledger) /


lodged totems
this silica staggers,
clammy with nickel spanning
post-bodied filigree,
fair mason not these toddling
fingers feigned,
contains lethargy of tales,
alien to trauma in amyl nitrate,
boring bows of sapling fathers,
they key-seize the movements of
truncated reed, their wild tint of oxide anorexia,
formal nocturnal conjugating
the informality of brain-pan,
where hyper-strands of victorious snakes
welcome the gallows of primeval splinters,
and the dressing gowns blot out
the darting fissures of deflated suns


no witnesses
did twist
me in the heavenly
taps, I scavenged
augury landing,
brittle omens
and included
in the portable
prison charred,
as if god collapses
formal rows deployed

4. NO

elongates functionality
by the swerving cognitive
motors Etc. Etc. Etc.,
and coordinate hallowed
be thy nameless,
when aroused,
amber plucks coitus as
pinker segues
restive times,
dawn undresses
her visual perception,
and abstracts
vignettes debugging
before alter-kinds
of patchwork,
more for washing
the staining of this being
likened to cadaver-cavities defiled,
becoming a sickly green
grain undone,
and you ululate
the deadweight of words
caught in the ill-formulated
viral projections of untoward tomorrows
to lose the tail and become


mourned a fragile mouth,
loosely cloaked,
double betaking to calculate
the hieroglyphs,
embryonic assessment
of the usury of my valuation:
it was caught by raising
the coils of the underground
tongue, unauthorized delivery:
this, then the tongue,
the ceaseless groveling before
the disarranged self,
the freeze of all utility of motion
from the heights of wailing voices 
stretched by the eternal weight
of time's open catacombs,

I will eat,
then succumb

*(all poems written directly after experiencing a series of ''lucid hallucinations'')

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