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Anneke Baeten - Asemic Study

Anneke Baeten's art was published in numerous magazines and presented on many exhibitions. 
Her books include: Translating Paint (publisher Michael Jacobson, Post-Asemic Press, 2017) and 50 Celestrial Snippets (June 2017). Her work is exhibited at international and local exhibitions, most recently at the Blacktown Art Prize Finalists Exhibition in NSW.

Author's note: "My main focus is the world of asemic writing and expressing concepts in visual poetry. When quizzed about my creative process I compared asemic expression being akin to letting s tribe of crazy ferrets run around in my head. That analogy has stuck and is now the collective name behind my online presence “Ferretsinmyhead.com”. I look to constantly push the boundaries of my style. I am heavily influenced by the nature of the paper that I use, some of which is hand-made on commission. Many of my works are on textured cotton paper (preferably with natural elements and imperfections) or in leather-bound books."


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