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jim leftwich - Assisted Living Drone-Poem Rehearsal

jim leftwich is a poet and essayist who lives in Roanoke, VA, USA.  he is the author of Six Months Aint No Sentence Books 1 -187 (Differx Hosting@Box, 2011 - 2016), and three volumes of essays entitled Rascible & Kempt Vols. 1 - 3 (Luna Bisonte Prods, 2016-2017).  since 2008 he has been involved in organizing and/ordocumenting mail art, sound poetry, visual poetry and noise events in Roanoke.

Assisted Living Drone-Poem Rehearsal
A No Act Play

Sunday School Teacher
Director of Human Resources
Probation Officer
Assistant Manager
Personnel Director
Little League Coach
Guidance Counselor

In a room

In a chair


No Act One

Sunday School Teacher:

he her here hare
are bare bar bear
ear hear her he

Director of Human Resources:

they the he her
herd hard yard
bard bar barn
burn born bore
ore tore toe hoe
he the they

Probation Officer:

it at hat what
heat eat at it

Assistant Manager:

or for fork fort
tort torn tern
tarn tar far for


in pin spin spit pit
it bit bot bat at
fat hat hut hurt
hart heart hear
tear tea team
ream dream
ream roam
ram rim
dim din in

Personnel Director:

we wet went bent
bet pet pot hot hat
hate ate fate fame
fade made mad
made mode
mod mood
mod mud
mid hid
had wad wed we

Little League Coach:

send end bend
band and ant art
part park bark
mark murk lurk
lark ark art cart
car far for or oar
soar soak oak
oat moat meat
seat sent send

Guidance Counselor:

them hem him hit it
if in pin pink ink
wink link lank bank
bunk punk funk fun
fan tan than then


No Act II

Sunday School Teacher: and ant at an and.
Director of Human Resources: on one gone bone bane ban an on.

Probation Officer: it bit bite bate bat bait bit it.
Assistant Manager: we wed weed deed died did lid led wed we.

Babysitter: in fin fan ban band bond bend end and sand sad sod son on in.
Personnel Director: was as is as was.

Little League Coach: is his hiss piss miss moss most host hot hit his is.
Guidance Counselor: how cow cop hop hope hop mop mow cow how.


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