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Announcing Brave New Word Issue 7

Ladies and gentlemen!

Brave New Word #7 is going live on September 2.

Times they are a-changin'! So this is the last regular BNW issue for the forseeable future. That's it. Things have changed. I don't have much time to devote myself to this mag. It's personal.

This issue was half-ready in July. I wanted to use works from two past contributors but ultimately excluded them from the issue due to fast-tracking Special Issue where their work will be represented. Otherwise it is a solid patchwork of texts and images, a little kaleidoscope of various forms of art. I'm really glad the issue is the way it is. There is something cathartic.


Issue Line-up:

  • David Kjellin
  • Eryk Wenziak 
  • Letitia Trent & C.R.E. Wells 
  • Rupert Loydell 
  • Patrick Leech
  • David Russell
  • Halvard Johnson
  • Ricardo Suave
  • Jeff Hansen
  • Jonathan May
  • Alec Finlay 
  • Wayne Russel

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