Editors note:

Still can't believe this magazine lasted more than three issues. I guess i'm becoming a more organized person because of this. Anyway...

Original plan for the #4 was to make a prose-centered issue. There was a fair share of nice pieces that were individually fine - but in whole it wasn't working at all. It was a mess. So I decided to start from scratch instead trying to fix fundamentally broken concept.

And it was moderately successful. It took longer than usual to make it work. The flow wasn't as good as Issue 3. There were a lot of trash submissions and too many pieces that were critically unfit for the magazine that promotes experimental writing. But after all - it's a solid issue with lots and lots of great stuff to read and think about.

I'm glad to present you the works of the following:


Table of Contents:

  1. Zoria April - Five Visual Poems
  2. Olchar Lindsann - Five poems
  3. Luc Fierens - Four collages
  4. Mark Antony Rossi - Four poems
  5. Bill DiMichele - Garage
  6. Heath Brougher - Two poems
  7. Howie Good - Five cut-up texts
  8. Phil Openshaw - Five visual pieces
  9. Scott-Patrick Mitchell - Four poems
  10. Stephen Nelson - Fourteen Untitled Minimalist Poems
  11. Juan Angel Italiano - Sound and Visual pieces
  12. Timothy Parfitt - Last First Action Hero
  13. Orchid Tierney - Three visual pieces