Editors note:
#1 was really a mess (albeit a fascinating and incredibly promising, but it was all over the place). But it wasn't a bad thing. I thought it would be good to let Brave New Word to grow naturally for some time without pretending that i'm a good editor (because i'm not).

Some say that putting the sophomore issue is a harder task than doing the first one. It wasn't like that for me this time. The turnaround for #2 was just somewhere around a month and it was quickly packed with lots of great stuff. Look at the line-up: you can see the works of great Erica Baum and awesome Agam Andreas; marvelous poems by Michael Dec, L. G. Corey, Patrick Hartigan and Lauri Hei; super collages from Hiromi Suzuki and J4; enchanting visual poetry from Matron Koppany, Jozsef Biro, Vsevolod Vlaskine and Sacha Archer.


Table of Contents

  1. Erica Baum - Contents
  2. L.G. Corey - Four poems
  3. Vsevolod Vlaskine - Seaweed came and stayed
  4. Lauri Hei - Five poems
  5. J4 - Twelve collages
  6. Michael Dec - Five poems
  7. Jozsef Biro - Six visual poems
  8. Patrick Playter Hartigan - Seven poems
  9. Marton Koppany - Johnson & Johnson (and one more)
  10. Agam Andreas - Poems and Images
  11. Sacha Archer - excerpts from KIM
  12. Hiromi Suzuki - Price Tags