2017 Autumn Special

That's it, folks! It is finally here. 

My original plan for BNW was simple. Make 9 issues with all-new authors and then churn out Issue 10 with every single contributor. Hundred or so contributors. After seeing the nice flow and steady growth of the magazine i thought it would be a good idea to make 10 issues with all-new contributors and then an ALL-STAR SPECIAL. Then i thought that putting out over a hundred posts in a single day will be a very long day. With elements of overkill. 

Around the same time interaction with disgruntled, scorned authors who didn't make the cut to the mag became tiring and i thought i need to slow things down a little. And then i've lost my job and found another one and the workload wasn't allowing me to fully concentrate on Brave New Word - so i decided to call it quits. And then i've lost that job and things got back to normal. Except for disgruntled authors - who were still writing their crap on a weekly basis. What is wrong with them? Anyway. Then i've found another job and it was very tiring and time consuming - i had no time to finish this issue. I even thought of putting a cheat easy issue first to buy some time. But now this bad job is gone too and i'm free to waste my time as i see fit. 

Without further due - i present to you BRAVE NEW WORD AUTUMN SPECIAL 

Table of contents:
  1. Devon Balwit - Four Poems
  2. Robert Keith - Six visual Poems
  3. Vernon Frazer - Three poems
  4. John Bennett - Seven text and visual poems
  5. David Kjellin - Three visual poems
  6. Russell Jaffe - American Dream Poem
  7. Phillip-Texas Fontanella - 5 erasures
  8. Siobhan Elvis Atkins - Two asemic pieces 
  9. Valeri Scherstjanoi - Four Pieces
  10. Alexander Limarev - Homage to Alexander Pushkin
  11. Joel Chace - Six visual pieces
  12. Marton Koppany - Ellipsis Project
  13. Andrew Topel - from "Colors of Poetry"
  14. Amanda Earl - etc., a remix
  15. Hugh Tribbey - Five Poems
  16. Eryk Wenziak - Three visual poems
  17. Mark Blickley - Bed Bugs & Beyond
  18. Angela Caporaso - Three Collages
  19. Sean Gallagher - One sentence poem
  20. David Chirot - Twelve Pieces
  21. Mark Young - 10 poems
  22. Matt Margo - Three visual pieces
  23. L.G. Corey - Three Poems
  24. Guido Utermark - Collages
  25. Howie Good - 4 prose poems
  26. Gary Barwin - Five visual poems
  27. Francesco Aprile - Glitch Pieces
  28. Sacha Archer - Event Zone Poem
  29. Nico Vassilakis - Three Visual Poems
  30. Julian Kabza - Textual-visual piece
  31. XXXXXXXXX XXXXX - Carnal Pineapple