Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Editors note: 

This issue is designed after 2001 trip sequence. 

"Sometimes you just can't get rid of the bomb!" Remember when the last time i've said that Issue 7 is "last BNW for foreseeable future"? I was wrong! The very reason i decided to abandon this journal just vanished a bit later (in cosmic terms - it was "moments later") and i was left utterly perplexed. I feel stupid about that and I'm very sorry for causing needless fuss.

So - what happened? From August to some part of September i had a job at NGO and it was "so-so la-la" but well-paid and fitting my skills (writing stuff, etc.). I thought i could do it. But there were two problems. First - lack of any sort of task management. Everything was chaotic and i had no idea what is going on most of the time. The entire communication was based on Facebook Messenger which is counterproductive to say the least and there was no real system of tracking progress or keeping schedule intact. No Trello or Slack. But you can get behind the chaos if you want to. What you can't get behind is toxic environment. And boy, it was TOXIC. It was Chornobyl level of toxicity. Here's a thing - i can adapt to the collective. But it takes two for a tango and when the other side is not willing to embrace newbie - there is nothing to be done. After a while i was rejected and isolated simply because i wasn't one of them. That NGO-crowd were lawyers, graduates, PR-managers - all interested in one thing - politics and politics only. And they had no idea about anything. Anything!! They live in a parallel dimension. So when the writer comes to write stuff for them - their reaction was as if it full-on alien invasion. It seems like they don't really understand that some people may be different from them. And so they acted hostile and plain mean. It was disgusting. I was undermined at every point and had no chance to show what i'm capable of. That made very sad but i was willing to go on - because i'm not the one gives up. But they decided otherwise - and so I was out. I think it was a good thing after all - i nearly had a nervous breakdown because of the growing tensions (fun, fun, fun).

Now it's over - i'm back in the saddle and ready to rumble!

This issue is far more visual than the previous. The line-up is murderers row of talent of all walks. Whole lotta collage stuff in different styles from Guido Utermark and David Chirot, visual poetry from the Ruud Janssen and Mick Boyle. But there are also some texts - Miekal And's Also Spake Moby Dick is getting well-deserved spotlight. Probably the best piece of poetry ever posted on BNW. There are also very curious stuff from Russell Jaffe and Steve Timm. There's even a reunion of M58 crew - Andrew Taylor and Jez Noond! And there's stuff from legendary Valerij Scherstyanoi. Overall - i'm very proud of this issue. Probably the strongest of the bunch so far.

And as a teaser of sorts i want to mention one project that will involve whole lotta visual poetry. I hope it will go as planned.



Table of Contents:

  1. mIEKAL aND - Also Spake Moby Dick
  2. Giorgio Moio - Seven Visual Poems
  3. Russell Jaffe - Four Poems
  4. David Chirot - Ten Pieces
  5. Steve Timm - Five Poems
  6. Ruud Janssen - Six Pieces
  7. Guido Utermark - Seven collages
  8. Raul Reguera - Palimpsestos
  9. Mick Boyle - Seven visual poems
  10. Valerij Scherstyanoi - The train of autumn in the Puschkinallee
  11. Andrew Taylor - Three Visual Poems
  12. Jez Noond -  - -e--a- -a---i--- --/--/---- - --/--/----
  13. Francesco Aprile - Six Glitch Pieces
  14. Gregory Betts - Three visual pieces
  15. Logan K. Young - ɹoʇɐןnɔןɐɔ ɐ uo ǝdʎʇ uɐɔ 'ooʇ 'noʎ spɹoʍ 5341
  16. Jason Motsch - Five visual pieces

Guido Utermark - Seven collages

G.G.M. Utermark Den Haag Nederland

Ruud Janssen - Six Pieces

Ruud Janssen was born Tilburg, Holland on July 29th 1959. He is an artist, teacher, writer and publisher. He is active with mail art since 1980. Over the years he organized several international art-projects (TAM-bulletin, IUOMA-magazine). He is active participant of mail art scene. 

Steve Timm - Five Poems

Steve Timm have published 3 books of poetry: This's That (There Press, 2016), and Un storia (2010) and Disparity (2006), both with BlazeVoxHe teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Steve Timm also a performer of improvised sound poems (e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNSz6JG4tIw).

David Chirot - Ten Pieces

David-Baptiste Chirot: born Lafayette, Indiana, grew up in Vermont, lived in Gottingen, Germany, Arles & Paris, France, Wroclaw, Poland, Hastveda, Sweden, Boston and Milwaukee. 
Since 1997 essays, poetry, visual poetry, sound poems, event scores and book reviews in 70+ journals in 8 countries, including some in translation (Spanish and Portuguese) 
Print Books: Anarkeyology (Runaway Spoon) Zero Poem (Traverse) Tearerism(singlepress/Kiro) Reverberations (8PagePress) Found RuBBeings (Xerolage 32, Xexoxial Editions) 
Print Book Anthologies: Loose Watch (Invisible Books, London) Word, Score, Utterance, Choreography (Writers Forum, London) Oranges Hung (Milwaukee) 
several complete visual poetry books included in print journals 
Have participated in over 300 exhibitions and calls of Visual Poetry and Mail Art in over 40 countries, assistant to Clemente Padin for Mail Art Hit Parade, Havana Biennial, 2000, Cuba 

Giorgio Moio - Seven Visual Poems

Giorgio Moio, poeta (verbovisuale) con incursioni nella critica letteraria e nell’arte, nasce a Quarto (NA) il 25.5.1959. Già redattore di «Altri Termini», «Oltranza» (di quest’ultima è anche tra i fondatori) e direttore editoriale delle Edizioni Riccardi, nel ‘98, anno in cui inizia a partecipare a mostre collettive di poesia visuale (una sessantina fino ad oggi), fonda e dirige, per la suddetta Casa Editrice, la rivista «Risvolti», giunta al 23° numero. Ha pubblicato le seguenti raccolte: Scritture d’attesa (1989 - poesia); Sabbie mobili (1996 - poesia); Work in progress (1997 - poesia); Oltre la soglia del dolore (1999 - poesia); L’uomo dagli occhi rosa, con C. Bugli (2000 – poesia); Un vibrato continuo (2002 - poesia) e Libro d’artista n. 33, (2002 - poesia), con L. Caruso; Parodie marine (2003 - poesia); Con occhio allegorico(comprende anche Parodie marine, 2005 - finalista Premio Feronia-Città di Fiano 2006 – poesia); La fiera degl’inganni (2008 - poesia); Elaborando il tempo (2011 - aforismi); Per mutazioni (e-book –, 2014 - poesia); Dove la terra trema, con P. Della Ragione (2015 - prosa); Tra impegno e fuga (2015 - saggistica); Sui crespi marosi (2016 - poesia); Cento ahi-ku extravaganti (2016 - haiku). Con le Ed. Riccardi ha anche pubblicato una specie di romanzo breve, La finestra (2004). Presente in volumi collettanei, antologie e cataloghi d’arte, ha curato e partecipato ad eventi culturali, convegni, letture di poesia, mostre. Collabora col magazine on line “Cinque Colonne” e alle webzine “Malacoda” e “Utsanga”. 

Russell Jaffe - Four Poems

Russell Jaffe is the editor of TL;DR magazine (tldrmagazine.com), teaches at Loyola University in Chicago and Fusion Academy in Oak Brook, and stars in literary study guides for Course Hero. He is the author of the poetry collections This Super Doom I Aver (Poets Democracy, '12), INTROVERT//EXTROVERT (Punk Hostage Press, '14), LA CROIX WATER (Damask, '16), and Civil Coping Mechanisms (Civil Coping Mechanisms, '17). Russell Jaffe, shoopa shoopa, Russell Jaffe.

mIEKAL aND - Also Spake Moby Dick

mIEKAL aND lives outside the constraints of academia in the most lush and rural part of the unglaciated Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. Choosing to focus on creating wilderness and abundance surrounded by the perfect setting for limitless imagination his course of action includes demonstrating alternatives to inbred aesthetics, delighting in the play of DIY culture, and making art and writing that is both anarchic and noisy.

aND is the author of numerous books, many available via Xexoxial Editions (http://xexoxial.org). After many years working in the realms of digital poetry and video, he has surrendered his role as author and focused exclusively on interactions that allow the author to be reconfigured by the mysteries of the collaborative process. Anyone wanting to tap into his stream can find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/miekal.

Jez Noond - -e--a- -a---i--- --/--/---- - --/--/----

Jez Noond’s short fiction can be read in Quartet, Patria, What Lies Within, Ruins and The Cinnamon Review of Short Fiction all published by Cinnamon Press. He teaches games design.

Raul Reguera - Palimpsestos

Raúl Reguera (1954). He studied Laws in Santiago de Compostela when there was not a single law in Spain and the notion of equity was not known. After the family financial bankruptcy in 1975, it traverses Latin America like vagabond. He publishes Experimental Poetry in collaboration with Xavier Seoane in 1978 and integrates the Anthology of Ibero - American Experimental Poetry published by the Blue Literary Center of Valencia (Venezuela) in 1979.
In 1978, through the International Geological Prospecting company, it is dedicated to the international traffic of heroin and hashish on a large scale hidden in large stones, between Kashmir, Holland, North Africa and Spain.
After reading to Gerald Brenan, in 1984 it establishes its residence in Timar,
small village of 20 inhabitants in the mountains of Sierra Nevada in Granada (Spain).
Between 1987 and 1992, Contraviesa Alpujarra SCA, the largest agrobiological project in Southern Europe, is in the extension of the time for the reconversion of 200 hectares. from conventional to organic farming.
Regular collaborator of alternative and marginal projects of Visual Poetry.and Mail Art, also activates own performances sporadically. Individually unpublished.

Logan K. Young - ɹoʇɐןnɔןɐɔ ɐ uo ǝdʎʇ uɐɔ 'ooʇ 'noʎ spɹoʍ 5341

Logan K. Young’s 1,000 Anagrams for La Monte Young is out now via Peanut Gallery Press. A summer student of Thurston Moore at Naropa’s Kerouac School, he’s since been published everywhere from 3:AM to UPenn's Jacket2 to experiential-experimental-literature and anthologized as far flung as That Devil Music: Best Rock Writing (Excitable Press), An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting(Uitgeverij) and Library of the Printed Web, Vol. 3.

Gregory Betts - Three visual pieces

Gregory Betts is the author of seven books of poetry, including If Language (a collection of 56 perfect paragraph-length anagrams) and The Others Raisd in Me (150 erasure poems of Shakespeare’s sonnet 150). He is also the author of Avant-garde Canadian Literature: The Early Manifestations, the first holistic study of avant-garde writing in Canada. He lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Valeri Scherstjanoi - The train of autumn in the Puschkinallee

Valeri Scherstjanoi (born 1950) is a sound poet and graphic artist. He is the author of numerous books poetry. He also writes texts on literary theory (he developed his own method Ars Scribendi) as well as articles on history of Russian Futurism. Currently lives in Berlin.

Jason Motsch - Five visual pieces

Jason Motsch is an artist and poet living in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.  His vispo and asemic writing are
done with an emphasis on glyph-style characters and randomly chosen text.  He is active in the mail art network 
to which he was introduced by his husband, Mick.  He also enjoys making collages, trashpo and writing traditional 

Andrew Taylor - Three Visual Poems

Andrew Taylor is a Nottingham based, Liverpool born poet, editor, critic and lecturer. His second collection of poetry, March, was published in September 2017 by Shearsman Books. He is editor of M58, a blogzine of alternative poetries. www.andrewtaylorpoetry.com

Mick Boyle - Seven visual poems

Mick Boyle is an artist and photographer. His current vispo and asemic works use traditional and digital collage. He has  been involved in fluxus and mail art since the 1970's. He lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with his husband and fellow artist Jason and a cat named Cimony Jones.

Francesco Aprile - Six Glitch Pieces

Francesco Aprile (Lecce, Italy) is a freelance journalist, poet and visual-poet, essayist. In 2010 he became a member of the literary movement called New Page-Narrativa in store, that was founded in 2009 by Francesco Saverio Dòdaro. Since March 2013 the cure of this movement has been at two voices: F. S. Dòdaro-F. Aprile, but currently he is the director of New Page (since August 2016). In April 2011 he founded the group of artistic research Contrabbando Poetico, subscribing the first manifesto. He is the co-founder of Unconventional Press (2012, with Cristiano Caggiula) and the magazine of experimental languages www.utsanga.it (2014, with Cristiano Caggiula). He is author of code poetry/poetic algorithm (2010), asemic cinema/asemic film (since February 2016), visual poetries, asemic writing, glitch and literary glitch, asemic-glitch writing, writing error, asemic ABC book.

Announcing Brave New Word Issue 8

Ladies and gentlemen!

Brave New Word #8 is going live on October 25th.

It was a tough issue to pull off. Mainly because so much crap is going on around me. But it all paid off. I guess this issue is the strongest i've made to date. I'm really proud of it. The line-up is probably one of the most exciting you will ever see in any magazine. It is a murderers row of talent. There's even a reunion of M58 crew in the form of Jez Noond and Andrew Taylor. There's stuff from one of the all time greats - Valerij Scherstyanoi. I mean this issue will blow your mind the way no other issue of this or any other literary magazine ever will.


Issue Line-up:

  • mIEKAL aND 
  • Giorgio Moio 
  • Russell Jaffe 
  • David Chirot 
  • Steve Timm 
  • Ruud Janssen 
  • Guido Utermark 
  • Raul Reguera
  • Mick Boyle 
  • Valerij Scherstyanoi 
  • Andrew Taylor 
  • Jez Noond 
  • Francesco Aprile 
  • Gregory Betts 
  • Logan K. Young 
  • Jason Motsch