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David Subacchi - Two Poems

David Subacchi lives in Wales (UK) where he was born of Italian roots. He studied at the University of Liverpool. He has four published collections of his English Language poetry and one in Welsh.

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In winter when she got home

She'd park in the barn,

Kick off her shoes,
Then stand for a while
Back towards
The great fireplace,
This was her territory.

She'd let down her hair,
Take off the fiddly earrings
And swap the smart suit
For something more practical
And less intimidating,
When the kettle sang
She'd begin preparations

For the red faced workers,
Exhausted from the fencing
And the gathering,
That crashed hungrily
Into the slate floored kitchen,
Swallowing oaths,
Smiling in expectation.

Gasping between mouthfuls,
They'd complain
About this beast and the other,
The broken tractor engine
And fences that needed repairing,
Whilst inside she thrilled
Her dreary office day already forgotten.

Outside Buen Gusto
A pneumatic drill screams
Drowning soft music,
Interrupting conversation;
The Spanish guitar
Hanging on the wall
Hums impatiently,
As queues form for salmon
Ciabatta and chorizo,
While we hide away
Alongside the counter,
Sipping chilled white wine
Gazing at Maria.

Londoners stare at phones,
Continentals at the women,
Office workers hurrying,
Counting calories,
Fussing over Panini,
But we are enraptured,
Reflected in the mirror
Above the wooden benches
And the tile topped tables;
When the plates are cleared
Maria brings more coffees,
Steaming in large cups,

Long haired young actors
Spill in from the streets
Displaying their tattoos,
Placing uncertain orders,
But nobody notices us
At our vantage point
Close by the coffee grinder;
Another Soho lunchtime,
The drill’s sound is never ending,
Maria serving cakes,
Exquisite when she’s bending.


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