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Rus Khomutoff - Five Poems

Rus Khomutoff is a neo surrealist language poet based in Brooklyn, NY. His poetry has been featured in Erbacce, Poethead, Occulum, Fifth Day Journal and Former People Journal. Last year he self published an ebook Immaculate Days. You can find him on twitter @rusdaboss

1. Splash Bombs
to Michel Majerus
Horns of dilemma, the shadow’s brighter heritage
going beyond the symptoms
quartered revelator of the frayed edge
a week of redolent memory
beset by both the future
and the past
thralldom mastication

2. to Ric Carfagna
Vintage ghosts of joy and sadness
a saccharine statement
the highest expression of the
autopoetic force
the incarnation and
withdrawal of God
declaration of hither swarms
accretion of the
torrential becoming
emancipated from all anxieties and
in the anagogic phase
made dizzy by the hybris
a regular pulsating
metre of recurrence

3. October
After Bruce Davidson’s Clown (1958)
Fading away
in a sea of dotted infinity
the rhythm of life
against monumentality
caressed by beautiful capacities and
sublime understandings
supersolid forms of
evanescent knowledge
lost in a mirage of a beautiful forever


Clandestine corners
embracing the entirety of you as
embodied bliss
still unpolluted by a vile familiarity
spaces of otherwise
swallowing me alive
ewer of extreme ecstasy
negotiating with the infinite
by constructions destroyed or masked
this paradoxical teardrop of necessity

5. Fathomsun

Words that open a solar eye in the middle of the night
Andrew Joron

Disintegrated icon of beauty
transcendental and mundane
fathomsun is struggles of patient nothings
the loneliness monster with
the tantalizing sign begs for more
emblem of in between days
the endless gaze is the blindfold of certainty
like the bird of paradise
that lands only on the hand that does not grasp

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