четвер, 16 листопада 2017 р.

Alexander Limarev - Homage to Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Limarev, freelance artist, mail art artist, poet and curator from Russia. Participated in more than 500 international projects and exhibitions. His artworks are part of private and museum collections of 53 countries. His artworks as well as poetry have been featured in various online publications including EXPOESIA VISUAL EXPERIMENTAL, THE NEW POST-LITERATE: A GALLERY OF ASEMIC WRITING, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION LANGUAGE IMAGE LAB, FOOOM, POEZINE, THE GAMBLER MAG, UNDERGROUNDBOOKS.ORG, BOEK861, TIP OF THE KNIFE, BUKOWSKI ERASURE POETRY ANTHOLOGY (Silver Birch Press), KIOSKO (libera, skeptika, transkultura), SIMULACRO, UTSANGA, ZOOMOOZOPHONE REWIEW, ICONIC LIT, M58, CARAVEL LITERARY ARTS JOURNAL, METAZEN, MAINTENANT etc.




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