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Agam Andreas - poems and images

Agam (A.) Andreas [Andreas Maria Jacobs - NL 1956] studied experimental physics and musicology at the University of Amsterdam NL (BSc. 1978), electronic and computer music at the State University Utrecht NL (1981) and holds a BSc. in software engineering (University of Applied Sciences - The Hague NL (1997).

Prophetic Signals, a free association story


A fuel station filled with waste of speed, unearthing vulcanised Caribbean icelands 

 nigh fang 

laden with audacious promisses, disguised as a drugged middle class kid on its way to be united by heavenly creatures, like Lilith's thirsty mental tidiness 

 Never to unterre 

 Feverishly collecting stone artifacts covered with the script of the ancients in the darkness of hidden suns covered with black blastered fallen out skins. Cooling down the hot ice layered in different linguistic strata like archeological reading exercises 


 Reading the script carved in rock with blinded eyes where muted sounds click in dried out highways abundant with asphalt trees and transparent leaves 

 On the Way 

 Heading north to escape our cold ancestors, hunting down our stomaches contaminated with their toxic tongues 


 In our pleistoscenic treehouses, the Papuan long houses where we shelter our unborn children in the stone woods of a drowned Eden 


 The tar skinned boy carrying food and liquor from the abonded gas station three days walking down the river of boiling ice to his dried out Isisean sister's body 


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