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Winston Plowes - Waiting for You on Cloud Nine

Winston Plowes lives aboard his floating home in Calderdale with his lucky black cat, Fatty. He teaches creative writing and was Poet in Residence for The Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2012-14. His collection of surrealist poetry Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish, Electric Press was published in 2016.


(enlarge the piece in order to fully perceive it)

Method In an experiment in pareidolia, and visual found poetry nine images of clouds were posted on Facebook and fb friends asked to say what they saw in the images. Exactly fifty different contributors gave hundreds of responses. These replies were collected and reformatted into a spiral of words for each different cloud image. Contributors were not told how their input would be used at the time.

Pareidolia: A psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random image being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds.


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