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Michael Hetzler - Five poems

Michael Hetzler is a writer who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  In 2013, he graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Linguistics.  He writes for no one and everyone, and usually does so at a snail's pace.


1. Semiotics

thoughts race and make
a ™ of your mind while

the heart tries
to © this love it

took a while to figure
out that things need to ∆

they finally seem to be you
just hope s|he doesn’t realize

s|he’s > than you


2. Hemiceratoides hieroglyphica

Beneath the brackish
dome of night
s|he works on sating
an unusual thirst.

S|he stalks the roosts
of unwitting birds
and tastes greedily
of their tears.
S|he has visited me,
in a space between
the unknown and seen.

Her proboscis gouged
 my lacrimal gland like
a man on the highway
stabbing into pieces of trash.

S|he drained my cache
of anguish and  departed
 for another host with
more hydrated corneas.

Now, when my insides
 cry and my eyes strain
 and fail to release their
liquids of catharthis,
I lie and wonder if
s|he’s out there
crying for me.



How is it
isn’t it
How is it, good,
it’s not so is it

something star-hearted
and reel-spun? is it

out turns
used with

in it isn’t


the answer
in it?


4. Checklist Dread

•Go to bed 

•Wake up 

•With you.

•Confront everything


•With you.


•Foreboding an 

•Out of this.

•Frequent a way

•Being births distaste 
sleep upon 
the tangled roots 
my memory
•You dabble boldly
mottled in
distorted science.   


You were plying the generality / I’ve learned to quit /nothing more /primitive than acting ful|some| in|tonations of / self-/disregard /lost respect / not something / I am still / equipped to use. Tell me how / this effort matters


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