пʼятниця, 15 вересня 2017 р.

Status Update


Big news!

Brave New Word was gone and now it is ungone. Because exactly one week after i decided to put it on the shelf things have changed and the big opportunity i was given was no more because "you're weird - fuck off". Whatever.

And since that thing got out of the way (Thank You, Ludacris) - i don't see any reason to keep BNW in stasis. Even more - I'm gonna shake things up a bit. I mean - why the fuck things should stay the same after a break? It makes no sense.

So here's what i will do in the near future. Autumn Special is still thing. It will contain works from past contributors. Also I'm slowly gathering stuff for the 8th and final "all-new contributors" issue. But i'm already looking forward for Number 9 which will be giant clusterfuck. It will go down in history as the single greatest U-Turn in the history of online mags. It will be unlike anything you've ever seen. Get ready.

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