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Announcing Brave New Word Issue 8

Ladies and gentlemen!

Brave New Word #8 is going live on October 25th.

It was a tough issue to pull off. Mainly because so much crap is going on around me. But it all paid off. I guess this issue is the strongest i've made to date. I'm really proud of it. The line-up is probably one of the most exciting you will ever see in any magazine. It is a murderers row of talent. There's even a reunion of M58 crew in the form of Jez Noond and Andrew Taylor. There's stuff from one of the all time greats - Valerij Scherstyanoi. I mean this issue will blow your mind the way no other issue of this or any other literary magazine ever will.


Issue Line-up:

  • mIEKAL aND 
  • Giorgio Moio 
  • Russell Jaffe 
  • David Chirot 
  • Steve Timm 
  • Ruud Janssen 
  • Guido Utermark 
  • Raul Reguera
  • Mick Boyle 
  • Valerij Scherstyanoi 
  • Andrew Taylor 
  • Jez Noond 
  • Francesco Aprile 
  • Gregory Betts 
  • Logan K. Young 
  • Jason Motsch 

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