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Dan Andreana – Five Poems

Dan Andreana is a veteran experimental improv musician and part time ‘Astatic’ video artist with roots in the 1980’s Cassette culture and Loisida Noise scene. He has written two dystopian fiction novels; Micro.Bus (2010) & Saint Virus (2014) in addition to a mash-up of laboratory experiments and classic literature titled Organized Exmistry (2015). While producing fiction and poetry, he continues to record and perform spoken word collage works under the umbrella of the Hudson Valley group CO(P)E (Steve Roe), with long time co-conspirator If, Bwana (Al Margolis), and periodic inclusion in projects within the orbit of Generator (GenKen Montgomery).

Contact Dan for collaborative and further works: dva@danandreana.com

1. Chandigarh

pulled the fall con
a lecture series
land s)wallow
steamer trunk hinge
busted another
nickle | knuckle
hadapatched tube
off foreknew Cajun
lis(p)ted Koran
while others walked
on bicycle spathe
a Rum Tummy
corrugated erect
the Chancellor's chandler
wore a grin

2. True Foe

frog forge
where postage
sticky marble
ants among
singing to a chore
cherrywood lecher
tells another
lime rickey
more thus pencil
tried and truffle
in the box
gadgets melt

3. Tarot

only intestine
there by a cup
gives graves gratis
and a chance
six lug nuts
replica crayon
hope (sp ring (s
strung on snake
flag spots
the ‘m’ key

4. Temperature

friend height
garden imp
had some ‘Yes!’
too a day
(s)Kid Ishmael
Broad Again
one leaf
oar oat
can come over
the rain
leeks in a salad

5. Stubbed Toe

pin key
fine gear
a walk in
better have
ovarian bullet
below trestle
I on a (t)rack
was it ever?
on before turning?
passed an
elbow trolley
a bovine bum leg
pierced years
ghost unnoticed

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