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Dirk Vekemans - gignogrammata

bio: °Belgium 1962. Author of poetry in Dutch and founder of the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends an unending creative process of building and decay inspired by and named after Kurt Schwitters' work (2004-present). Lots of (graphical) creative research and development on several topics including handwriting and asemic writing .

Author's Note: "a gignogram is a graphical representation of a movement. in Cathedral theory there is no such thing as 'Being'  or 'things'. Language is human technology enabling us to construct these conceptual aids but there is no ontological base or need for there existence. In fact the very idea of an 'ontology' is preposturously antropomorphic, reducing reality to our utterly boring binary way of thinking. We need our linguistic and mathematical coherence to survive, but it's all just technology. So get real. Understanding movement as movement is the key to less garbage in your thoughts. Having less garbage is a healthy condition and  it is very pleasant!"





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