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Daniel Y. Harris - Exergue XLII-XLIV

Daniel Y. Harris is the author of 11 collections of poetry and collaborative writing including The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (BlazeVOX, 2016), heshe egregore (with Irene Koronas, Éditions du Cygne, 2016), The Underworld of Lesser Degrees (NYQ Books, 2015), Esophagus Writ (with Rupert M. Loydell, The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2014) and Hyperlinks of Anxiety (Červená Barva Press, 2013) Some of his poetry, experimental writing, art, and essays have been published in BlazeVOX, The Café Irreal, Denver Quarterly, E·ratio, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, Kerem, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, Offcourse Literary Journal, In Posse Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review, Stride, Ygdrasil and Zeek. He is Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of X-Peri and Co-Editor of the X-Peri Series.  

Exergue XLII

Gregor implements Aktion Adlerflug, cocks a clerihew
over Doric columns and belts out mixer susurrus. Margaropus
be disaccordant. Manisolas be bilinigrin. Red prepuces pinned
on black lapels, è bell’ attrice, samizdat is key jequirity and swaps
yizkor for rhinochiloplasty. In rosariums, klismaphiles  
spank the nomos, lob populist salvos at adequation, the Kalki
Avatar reborn. Selfhood phenylmethane has its integument
as an attar credo in the Führerkult. “Dysgenic breeding
is snarky,” say Gastarbeiter hordes. Stomodaea goffs the Phineas
Priesthood with NBICs, theoretism, de facto and de jure. Fidget
spinners for this elite cadre. Pleonasm lives! The eidos
ego dies. Filthily defil’d, the Peachums bundle fasces for divel   
patriciates. Thetica’s dvija is clickbait, regality as ecumene, great
aperçu and trompe l’oeil nails the yahwic wrist. Security
Echelon harangue passers from nostrums. Dance the lambeth?
Despite its obliquities, the Animist Party does shimmy, abets
albedo, typified by imperium. Gregor plays Box 3, Spool 5 again.
His byword is psychagogy, its upraised scintian used
by acephalic Imps when chanting Dzyan Stanzas. Ipseity rules.
Line 788: static int consume_user_prompt(struct scanner_connect
ion *conn). Ask the Blois apostate about euthanasia, is stated
pros eteron as the sabbatic goat. He tramples our atavistic
ennui with the root Ari, his clientele, envoûter. Foist
the Dayus, their egoity burnt for racial purity. Entrail belts
are tightened, improve their repute, taken as copula
by tubing. How ontic is the polis? Gregor tortures the avatara
on Long Friday. Humanismus be damned, Mary Nettie.  

Exergue XLIII

Maximillian’s pharmakon = FSO.Get File(“C:\Windows\trojan
\winrat.exe”). Rienzi’s rise presses against theorein. Exophonic
tropes are more than xenoglossia in this agit sortie.
Wave adieu, das ereignis. The bae’s a fleek on parasceve, turnt
up, codicils allow, is émigré contact, haloed. Interpellate
them. Synesthesia, we’re suis generis, an illic, not a pagan
cult gorging on aharace salve. Two caesurae for the first
violence, tiki torches as a discarnate Vehm, kinks
factotums. Bavaria’s rosy cross is engulfed by lava. Culled      
at random? Press the new barb, will chondrarsenite zoid,
our fiduciary duty, nonce tete de boche opens the cyclopean
eye. Swallow anthropophagous repasts. Rhinoplast
them, ex abrupto, writ quomodo, near Agadi, stock and shoot
derived from teratology. Thetica’s minions are vril, stopcock
comatula, after Ultima Thule, between Scylla and Charybdis,
thaumaturgy is epimeric, multifoiled. She anoints
them with menses, tatsachenwissenschaft’s yellow cagoule.   
Harmony, the sexbot, sux Parzival. Fluvial is pluvial, poiein
at loggerheads, has electoral gain, jibes the glib. Ahnenerbe
auspices? Line 806: if ((tmp = util_memsearch(conn->rdbuf, con
n->rdbuf_pos, “ogin”, 4)) != -1). Symposiasts say anexact
in the Taschilunpo monastery, bête noire stripped bare, egg
injected Judenmatz for the morphehyle. Are their only nine
malic moulds? Descant on, solo sanguine Christiano.
Stricto sensu and mineral opera, Thuatas’ hyle, prophylactic
against leprosy, pours plaster casts, royally praesphenoid.  
A nominal syntagm is an unguent, cunt curse, crisam.  

Exergue XLIV

Thetica Zorg’s tryst is a benzalphenylhydrazone riving
with flamephlogistón, a 2 kg φλόξ phlóx text in terra pinguis,
baptized and made salutary. After circumcision, Dracaena
Draco as a Luciferic, solar quest for Catharists. Punk
merch has its false equivalency. Baryons are Eurasianists.
Cogitata or paragram? Sol niger, Ω ~ R x Σtopology, the form
∂Σ ~ S2  quasipermed. In the cordillera, suck oubli
from the Pyrmont Protocol. Don’t Œinfold. Dynamis tends
toward its entelechia, Halgarita mottos hogtied with tefillin.    
Fear the majoritarian mob. The Icarus Dash is charged
for the peroxide blonde crop. Eat saag paneer, reedy freckled
soprano. Cheeseparing nose. Irminists storm. Rallies conflate.
The Hypostim Injector pricks its stufe. Not a senex, a lampisterie.  
Just hOw bY a riverpool Clomptur rEx. Beserkers are eptoid
revenants in the Tuatha Empire. Despite frank dubiety,
the interregnum is ruled. Not Berserkers, Diktats require a foil.  
This romancero flips chlorophyll ash, grabs a Biocell
off a janitorial cart. De jure on Mount Meru? Flotillas are cast
from Point 103. Line 808: else if ((tmp = util_memsearch(conn->rd
buf, conn->rdbuf_pos, "enter", 5)) != -1). Our theonium,
cheeks need rouge. Try the Kohanim Praxis Kit. HypoStim
upgrade, Mithraism’s sol invictus and Hellingrath’s theory.  
Scansion has its counterpoint, oppressed peoplex, by soufflé
stolen from Special Commando 1005. A cyclorama,
a duvetyne dress, serves as delegate, revanche link for chamber
serfs, the body’s effraction in Rodez, disembowels. They swore
on croststYx nyne behind sharkstooth scrims, nor closural.

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