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Michael Kostiuk - Asemic Short Story: An Overwrite in Black & White

Michael Kostiuk is a multimedia artist. He was born in Paris, Texas, USA. Currently lives in Yamaguchi City, Japan. His works were exhibited all around the around.

Asemic Short Story: An Overwrite in Black & White

I am writing an asemic short story using a 2B mechanical sharpened pencil on one sheet of post card size drawing paper. At first lines of the story are legible but after reaching the bottom of the paper, I am writing on top of the previous lines which soon become textually illegible and are converted to asemic text. The pencil lead will also become less sharp. As the lead becomes more round in shape it will more quickly fill up the white space. It is quite possible that if I continue to write for a certain length of time the white spaces will become less and the remaining spaces will be black. I imagine that at some point I will have to start writing with a white pencil until eventually the drawing paper becomes white again.

As I write this story I have become aware that it will take no short time to fill the paper to all black because while keeping with traditional line writing and a proportional space between, there will always remain some sort of white space unless I narrow the sentence line spacing or increase the size of the writings. To bring this test to a close I will start writing with a white pencil even though the page is not completely black yet. (white writing starts)

I tried all types of white pencils that I have to over write the pencil text, but nothing worked. Possibly a thick white ink ball marker might be able to cover the pencil. I will try a graphic app to write over the text.

This is an English translation.

Studio Michael

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