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Jesse Glass - Nautical Novel

Jesse Glass has lived in Japan for over 25 years.  His work has recently appeared in The Journal of Poetics Research, Otoliths, Golden Handcuffs, Zimzallah. The collections  A Charm for Survivors, Black-Out in My Left Eye, Two, and Illuminations from The Life and Death of Peter Stubbe are available from TheKnivesForksandSpoons Press. 

Nautical Novel

By A. Plagiarist.

Gulf of Mexicosmall shipyoung manvery interestingvery romanticblack glossy curlsaquiline featuresflorid complexioncommanding figureeyes of fireborn on the seano parentsblack cloudspipe all hands to Quartersstorm coming onvery dangerousall hands to the pumpsthere goes the jibmasts cut awaysudden clearingall hands pumpedmonster ship in the distancevery suspiciousblack flagskull and cross-bonespirate sailors fearfulyoung man determinedbound to duel or perish in the attemptarmed to the teethaddress the sailorsgreat enthusiasmflag of the freedie for our countrypirate approacheshundred gunspirate captain, big whiskerscrew all fiendscall for a surrenderyoung man scornsbroad-sidefemale shrieks on board pirate shipbeauty in distressyoung man vows vengeanceyoung mans ship sinkingflag shot off, nails it to the mastcrew leaving in boatsboard the pirateterrific combatseven pirates attack the boatswainboatswain kills two with chaw of tobaccothrows others overboardsharks around vesselyoung man kills pirate captainpirate gives inshoutstremendous victoryyoung man rushes into cabinfinds young lady nearly deadbrings her tofalls in lovepapers discoveredyoung man son of noblemanyoung lady rich heiresstells her storywas stolen away by gypsiessold to pirate captainheaven sent young manpreserved falls on her kneesyoung man embraces hersailors get drunkmarriage at sea--life on the ocean waveship in portyoung man promotedland of libertyYankee Doodle!  Finis.

The Clarksville Jeffersonian.  March, 8, 1854.   

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