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Olchar Lindsann - Five Poems

Olchar E. Lindsann is a writer, theorist, publisher, historian, teacher, performer, archivist, organiser, and translator, dedicated to the formation, maintenance, and transformation of marginal countercultures. A co-founder of the International Post-NeoAbsurdist Collective, he is also actively engaged with Fluxus, Neoism, the Eternal Network, and many other radical and avant-garde projects internationally. He is the editor of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press, and of the print periodicals Rêvenance and The In-Appropriated Press. The author or co-author of 40 books of critical and social theory, verse, historiography, performance scores, visual poetry, polemic, and collage, Lindsann has performed and lectured extensively in the US and the United Kingdom. He maintains several archives of contemporary and historical countercultures. Lindsann teaches cross-disciplinary Humanities classes, writing and history at a progressive school in Roanoke, Virginia.

1. Present Passtion
(Grabbing bits of Bennett's la mierda de siempre in passing)

Does friendship so small it
don't ceasexist with a present
Must it begin before death?
but “live in the past” you death?
Present the and the Absent the,
Must exercise Death and the Present
past happened such irksome
already it don't control our over
Potential, the not happened yet
Present and the Past, the Present
And why exist you “live in the
it don't loves and alliances?
this bracketing of the already
Present future” has passed
Can those who with Death?
when are you are not Present
 when are you yet act? Can
writing this la mierda? between
there be inmortal no intercourse
exist future Potential and the Past?¿
2. Breath Fiber

arc covenant lacework of mendicant reverberations
  an alzheimer boulevard of shoelaces sways in lurch or
                                          grins or

     the isosceles ventricle is panting for conversant inspiration

                                          shins or
          cautiously or open to every globe of honey that
                                  settles on the lobe                                that
                tentatively rehearses every radiant cloak bat ripple word that
                      wafts a breath of affectionate deviation like clenched obscure into
                                          the air
which hunches against the preened walls with its numb hands clenched like the brains of ostriches
                                          in its pockets
                         as you know as
                             you know that
the velvet vibration of a tumultuous particle delicate single
              of syntactic
          wins or
      dances or
       weeps or
     shrieks or
makes a ruffles gesture vaguely reminiscent of the final flick of a wrist of an ecstatic reservation           or
        grins or
                    where is all of this going is going is
                    wandering vaguely upward
                  toward the moon
 this weight in the air
vaguing wanderly
              toward toward
                in the moon
            in the sun
           in the moon
3. Loon Leader
   by Olchar Lindsann, Victor Hugo & Kilgore Trout
“s commerce frightened at systems; it is the merchant
who wants to sell; it is the tumult which terrifies the
counting-house; it is the shopkeeper armed to defend hi”
              –Victor Hugo, Preface to The King's Diversion (1832).

                               “artilaginous stalk ran out from each
hole horizontally for a few inches and then abr”
              –Kilgore Trout, Venus on a Half-Shell (1974)

The period of political The natives
                               curious. loon tires.
when all acts of despotism inflated skins with
part consisted of trated by ideas of
fast in July, 1830; which grew from
three great advances ered with a hard shell
              contained the brain Now in the march of
              out of breath, sexual systems.
these generous, was a round hole.
              go on. each hole horizontally
abruptly curved straight, and give them
these of all that approximately two feet
                                          tests, in two eyes
comprehend, Halfway down each
afraid of new ideas. flash a light like a firefly's
ruffled by theories. for illumination and
                               it is the merchant turns.
              fies the counting-Simon thought they
                              leader project himself.
4. Redwood

                                    she counts victuals for addiction
like eht llab-eye wrangling with the pips of the cat
                                                or ring-worm
                        only selling can lump this severing
a smile-wretch, miles of limping like the turpentine slurping the lake-side
                        and wriggling float on a flabby tuesday

                                    dewang and deripsnoc
                        the scales of mourning are ramps to a ripple
                                                                  and fit
                        like the retlews of canaries
eht bangles, red ovens, rats, fruits to his grin of elation

like the loon that euchre rhymes with your crib
                                    it wastes the milk through spilling
                                    carbines in candied scents
princes, plovers, bourgeois ringers, net-casters,
                        and listerine of popping tactics
            it contains a beam of wild lances
                                    like a word that hooks
                                    an evolving omelette
and a second's edict on opal or doors
of metric lice which are ranged or wrecked on the skill of old dents

5. Fantascide

  a touch here there a
subordinate detail claused thus
  build a world a spray
  across the crowd so flay
en ex-position modifier thus
  we strafe eht polisbone
  so hurri cane the gunman
pace the so in in-cremental thus
  in fusion pixel slay so settle
  borderly et bullet like in dian
ghosted dancing only what you see thus
  existent pitched upon the
  gamble on the neon sill you see
alone whats limned in words et trigger thus

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