Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Nico Vassilakis - KAROL

Nico Vassilakis is running in poems have outgrown their usefulness here now by the universal remote asleep at the wheel and trouble in mind. Yes. Go see what's doing.



The Fitness Spa 2 Chapter 1
Trying to educate beginners to be old 
but the reality is
a rough beyond reality
that looks easy
needs a skiff of a well-built gong

What's it like being the youngest
and a person in a 4, a fitness cast.
The only over 40, over minus 5, 
youngest in a fitness class – the only complete “spaz”
The only over 50 – a class of elder abs class – remarks like...
This is making my fitness person proud.
He thinks, perhaps, that he will like me better on my abs.
He is not going to do that and will remain the kindly over 50
in the class. Thereby one whose abs get high scores where
the least talented and spa-stick doesn't get a big hand for being a “spaz”
Someone now can't remember if spa-sticks are trying and awesome,
the spa-stick venoms. I can't remember what a good competitor is, 
what a hopeless loser is and she doesn't really give a shit

Roast Beef with mild potholes
garlic for flavoring
this is boring for more colors
then take it out of the box
2 hours at 350 minutes
6lb roast – 6 potatoes
Roast until done
until it's fucking done
Wash dishes

My first broken leg:
I was walking down 1st Avenue – limping actually -
because a truly stupid person thought that
was a hilarious prompt
So I was limping up the street, the walking getting
more difficult every few minutes
While waiting for a light to change, I stuck out my leg
rehearsing the way I would walk across the street - 
putting as little pressure on my leg as possible
I think this is getting funnier only if Jerry had the assignment
then my facial expressions would be telling the whole story

or the fence

Job needed – all requirements
Job experience – specialities
good at everything
lungs welcome
good with kids
good with elderly (especially small children)
good with all ask people
All locations
all hours
Good diagnosticians!