Monday, June 25, 2018

Federico Federici - Four Pieces

Federico Federici (1974) is a physicist and a writer. He lives and works between Berlin and the Ligurian Apennines. His last book, dealing with LaTex poetry and code writing is “The way I discovered the Berlin wall has fallen”. With the soundscape Brief aus Treblinka, he is currently taking part in the installation “res.o.nant” by Mischa Kuball at the Jewish Museum in Berlin (2018-2019). His websites provide detailed information on his oeuvre, as well as video documentation, text excerpts and portfolios:
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This set of works, taken from the series Studies on asemic interferences on and within concrete structures, insists on the exploration of asemic germination framed/constrained within concrete contexts, the latter ones often contributing sparse, residual meanings. 

1 18-40 kev mosaic

2 alter death

3 why most words are hidden

4 something axiomatic