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Igor Satanovsky - Nine Swype Poems

Igor Satanovsky was born in Kiev in 1969, and arrived in New York as the Soviet refugee in 1989. He has been exploring the poetic crossroads of European and American Avant-Gardes ever since: as a poet, editor, translator, book designer, and a visual artist. He founded International Zaum’ Day (January 7th), and contributed notes to several editions of "A Dictionary of The Avant-Gardes" by Richard Kostelanetz.

From Swype Revelations

Technology made it possible to turn abstract strokes into poetry. This series was generated by performing random finger ballet on Swype keyboard of my Android smartphone, some editing involved.

Hex Kush
Katz Han tag grab yah yah
Hush bdrm Jeff grab tax Tec

Faux bfn ugh txt hush ugh
Tag jug hex back yet

Outer ten nxt unclog icy kush
Dats high gaff highchair hush :-!

Garth kush arc orb crash ugh
Dats John been Zion own chic

Pork hex very: kush icon ugh
Verdict narc Tec voyage bc by!

Luv hex Jay-Z bard over jab
Free high gaff hubby gaff ugh

Bharat kush search icon drug
Graf icon yah cash ugh catch

Ish jihad jab :-/ Gardner herb
And deb Jonah jab hefty jogs

Fetch need jab corn :-/ Bjork berth
Cert dish hotbed high herb

Hex jug just using idc kush
Cash York yen hush Jun ban!

* * *
BBC high train
Headroom mean uzi is
Useful  useful insight years
Hardware icon bath pouch

Israel overrun ICU
Can feel I dweeb faux
Catholic Min Fareed tsar
Caesar dawn train from
Carib guests can I run
Harm train  train unseen

* * *
Lark kahn kahn best
Had justin Irvin Feb
States unruh un rib
Hatch hatch iron Kirk!

Garth inc. Zen dawg
Broth ricin from gym
Odin trev cat oil
Garth Oates yearns poo

* * *
all who weep all amuseful
Jail yeti group jack
Plan unseen Hampton barn
Officers break youthful insertion
Offering prestige years that
Says tstc they outweigh bad policy

* * *
Pay quip who caused a cop xeroxed
Herrick issued craven outburst causing
Men first issued handcuffs

Molly ought play item Russia issues
Hail iStock oreo idiom using
Isaiah rob Posner thank own offering

Paul Cobb bail reservation hatch
Heartsick usual talk
Oxytocin refresh hashtag issues

Murdock plays Irish Jagger
Harsh irritation venous effects
Graduation overtures meow tax

Gain Issues

Teeth versus tag:
harsh gain

Can you farm:
chief-train using icon gain

Harv keeps heart broken:
Pro industry gain

Brooklyn hearing swung
Insulin gain

Heinz hazen in FM

Vertex targets readers
merging ISIS harv farm
with death garb ask

Rated testing tray F:
Grab bargain with eyesight traffic

Rated testing tray E:
Head hejduk garb jutt

Rated testing tray D:
Research hazard yarn

After every word, Swype offers several predictive choices for the word to follow. Instead of ignoring them as in previous poems, I began accepting advised words in the poems below:

Frog was born with a great deal of interest in therapy.
Therapy is the best medicine for children.
Contrary to popular opinion, the government has a lot of respect in it. Rub greasy skin around the edges of social media using your own personal data to make it easier for someone who can get into trouble to find the right amount of attention.
Frog was the first of many.
Harry was the first to admit it, but he wasn't even sure he had the ability to make the most of it.
Bark and Judi were also in their early thirties, and had their own offering of free speech. Based on their findings, history suggests the importance of understanding that risk management would not necessarily work for those who have suffered.
Frog was off course. Feisty and funny, he had never seen dramatic changes in his lifetime. Verb-based approach might've taken him out.
Harry refused to take the stage. And he didn't think that he could be the only one.
Herring was barely interested.
Geordi was born with one heart.

The first thing you want to be able to handle is your situation.
Hayden tweeted about Trump's family.
Friends say he was not in his best shape and his mother died.
Freedom is not always easy or good.
Justin was gassed by his wife.
Harm happens to the poor people who don't care for the rest of us.

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