пʼятниця, 30 грудня 2016 р.

Phillip-Texas Fontanella - 3 poems

Phillip is a nice chap who can do stuff. You can find his work @ Otoliths, Uut, The New Post Literate, Zoomoozophone, Tip of The Knife, M58, H& and other places. They are from Mt Druitt, live in the Blue Mountains & I don't know, maybe.

The Moon As Seen From Stanford Prison

African migrants who disrupted a trial outside 

a military-industrial complex for one occupants

counterfeit vaccination project found the defen-

with the economy entering apathy
expect donut sales along with tweets 

the cheese-grating 
ageism of Clinton
rice subsidy scheme

NASA and Assange are hand in glove

is undercut by an un
dercurrent of ex
citing in Harvard

on the truth-value of inclusive offers
to go through the looking glass

dants case to centre almost entirely around 
blaming pre-paid non-refundable rates & the
wall being built around The Block in Redfern.


They Remembered Forwards

I dont remember when I began remembering forwards, but they say Im like Funes the memorious, except in reverse. Ill spend most days writing about the days Ill spend writing, cross-referencing the facts later with the evidence collected by my psychiatrists. I know how literature will change, have already read it, and have already gotten around it. Sometimes weaks are spent on a single days recollections.

Surely Matt would have contacted someone were my emails wanton to cause them worry. My notes say I detailed that one six days from now. In seven, I sent the email, drove down the pier, photographed and made a vine of the trolleys dog-paddling.

I remembered walking in and giving the gas station attendant money and left without paying. Putting milk in my tea and drinking it black. Noticing at a traffic light the sky full of thought.

16 oct 9:34

Flow Hypothesis

Recently, my students
have been having prob
lems editing with chroma

key. The result is unmist
akeable and awesome,
but can be very difficult

to control kind of like
a version of safari no
longer supported by e

lectron degeneracy
pressure cooker

A Quantum Mechanic Catches Just A Glimpse Of Space-Time

Im trying to find
water repellant fa-

bric-a-brac. Too many
surgical chance operat-

ions on sale. I just lost
the language game.


the multi
sure is
an art

to fill

Suburban and Coke

Predicting for Ijmuiden drowsy with a chance of modems. Rime in the hallway overnight. A busted pipe-dream. Later Ill mow the carpet.