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Louise Bak - Tegument

Louise Bak is the author of Syzygy (DC Books), Tulpa (Coach House Books) Gingko Kitchen (Coach House Books) and emeighty (Letters). She was the co-host of Sex City, Toronto's weekly and only radio show, focused on intersections between sexuality, gender, politics and culture, ciut 89.5 fm. Her performance work has appeared in various settings and videos, including Cheese, Brothers and Sisters, Partial Selves, Crimes of the Heart, Tracing Soul and Partial Selves. She collaborated with Garine Torossian in a poetic video work, Come Around. She worked with independent and local filmmaker Keith Lock to bring a script inspired by Chinese folklore and Bak's own family history. She has guest-edited PlusZero, an independent feminist culture publication, on the theme of global Asian women’s art and she was a columnist with Toro, Canada’s online men’s magazine as a weekly sexual-cultural columnist. She's programmed variously, including film screenings with The Centre for Media and Culture in Education and with 100,000 Poets For Change. She has also curated and hosted a salon series called The Box, which encourages communication across literary and artistic borders.


entering in the bandaging of platforms, its tucking dishevelled,
the shallow streak of moisture, plating in its low-cut shank, her
quick profile, under a point of the panathenaic procession, with
men of training age, with horses. looking, finding a ceramic I ♥
N Y cup, atop the antique cupboard to the front, rather than the part of
the bayreuth dvd set, last played at random brink, by the festspielhaus,
gone sidewise of winnie, on about “USA,” set off from in the morn. it
forwarded unanswered, to ample strains with frida lieder's brünnhilde.
noticing too the stack of old spiral notebooks, she had helped organize
in the hour or so, before the september flock. the checkered pattern on
one of them held opened, above the belted highness of newsboy pants.
stood out with feet, scant too far out in front of themselves. it's not the
teacher. she registers the assuming aetatis,applying to this 2nd period,
next to the worn off cursive of her sunt, along chalked toroidal vortice.
pushing her chair back, the graphite rucksack is slung toward it, where
she fishes out the to-dos. she wrote diversey, a bit less steadily than the
oxivir tb, the 170 mm head for the karcher vac crossed-out. it's shunted
by one of the text pages at the start, where the diamond eraser's undone

to its shank. it's notched between her fingers, spattering yellow, like the
torn pieces from gotten to leggy abulitons, streaking the upper sash and
stiles of patio door. “mut gwai, don't you figure, 35 litres of fresh water,
for every kg of clothing is wasteful?” heard with a crapulous snagging a
noren's saiyan's hair, on the split in a branch. the coarse spikes on ramie,
reshaped with juanbao. oval jutted middles, penetrated into quarterdeck
shells, like crepidula. clustered from the original stamp, hawaii 100 lbs,
on the rice bag. several up and under feints made towards the undiluted
aurous and tricornered band on the skirt hem, of prochem prespray gold.
a scratched adjust of the silver faceted black quartz, hanging behind her
ear, where perfume often placed. turns to the air abrogating units, in the
taski sani 4-in 1, applied with the noihsing. the loudened at the trailers's
“my name is z for zardoz, i am an exterminator,” on some iphone, along
with ensuing, “we do flammkuchen. maybe connery as ramius.” her foot
shifts unintentionally to a few attached paper clips, sagged abeyant from
the desk beside her. the stepped torsion of sprung steel, flat spirals, goes
anfractuous with the arching of the sweated onset of the forehead, a min

faster than the forearm grazed at the patchily ruggedized weave. lurches
the contracted glabellar region, at the earless, eyeless, mouthless density.
taking the wide midpoint of lip crease from it, crackling, “why'd, the sris
not working, or the cbting for friggin months?” scrabbles at the bouffant
cap hairnet and its accent of porcelain scapula unattaches. it's grabbed to
turn-overs, smelling faintly of the scented pencil, pearrr-fect. it is drawn,
a denary of pulses to the nylon bag, topped with a short stack of polymer
bills and sponge cloths, said to have better abrasion resistance. croakedly,
the craning from the arm with the hundun cut-out, a swallow in viscosity
of the tube of a frost's bolete, its sunkeness around the stalk, to clutching
by blunt tremble of spinous process, roughly flanking cusplets on either
side of unsharpened bordered goblin shark head, catching by the clammy
opening of socket on the barbie torso. zaorick ring's toy-eity of a smaller
area of protruded jaw, painted with some tidy oxygen flow in capillaries,
rears din gaila-ing within subplatysmal pleats, producing short pendulum.
switching partly to the bellowed realization, of “that's the youest,” to the
facing of the fire on the mountain of flying eyeballs tee. copic tones from
the late form, swaying his weight to the right side to lifting his left welted

heel, seating ahead of her. she sees, a lifting of top portion of the charaben,
at where there's 2.5" by 3" prints. one is leaned over, of a cob dome house,
its front door frame's single cedar bough is draped with a suzani. its chain-
stitching of radials that turn in to flowers, has bubbled tpt rollered on it, as
her index to its upper edge at the back, grasps the tinge of a pre-cooled gel
pack. it's flitted, as his shoulder lowers, the black paracord is passed along
with a pair, claimed to be brow tines, from deer antler shed. while they are
hung freely, staggering on a piece of edam, slinked from the almost stately
butt of cinderella's, she assays the surding of black heathered pant legs, on
to prospecting for the clubbed antennae of the wasp that had waddled from
a rain chain leader, to rasping breaths at it, near the underarm's vection that
is gauged with barely containable spheroid burrs and lardon opercula. as it
drops and climbs again, the lean abruptly said unable to find any oleic hint,
at the back of the hand, fen sau immanence, whilst white dots expanding in
swirling of a gun barrel, before the silhouetted form strides, flexes and fires
directly, to blood crawling down, rather like urchins, peristomed reddish, in
less pressure to form exact expression, polgonal aboral spines, withstanding

“USA,” code for unser seliger Adolf, 'our blessed Adolf''
aetatis, at the age of (Latin)
sunt, there are (Latin)
mut gwai, what are you (Cantonese)
noihsing, patience (Cantonese)
hundun, an ancient featureless chaos figure in chinese lore, whose name is synonymous with hopeless muddle. This disquieting entity is characterized as opposing the virtuous, while fawning towards the wicked.
din gaila, crazy hen (Cantonese)
fen sau, break up, to separate hands (Cantonese)

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