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Heath Brougher - Two poems

Heath Brougher is the poetry editor of Five 2 One Magazine and the co-poetry editor of Into the Void Magazine. He has published 3 chapbooks, A Curmudgeon Is Born (Yellow Chair Press, 2016), Digging for Fire, and Your Noisy Eyes (both by Stay Weird and Keep Writing Press, 2016 and 2017). He is a Best of the Net Nominee and has had work translated into anthologies and journals in Albania and Kosovo. He edited the anthology Luminous Echoes, the proceeds of which are donated to an organization which helps prevent suicide/self harm. He was the judge for Into the Void Magazine's 2016 Inaugural Poetry Contest and has had his own work appear in The Helios Mss, Chiron Review, Zoomoozophone Review, Word For/Word, Expound, MiPOesias, Gloom Cupboard, Full of Crow, Cruel Garters, Lakeview Journal, Otoliths, East Jasmine Review, X-Peri, Carnival, Red Ceilings Review, Clockwise Cat, Moss Trill, Gold Dust Magazine, Squawk Back, BlazeVOX, Diverse Voices Quarterly, *Star 82 Review, eFiction India, and elsewhere.

1. Fake Blue Lightning

Greek thunderbolts
            thrash through the air

            LIMPID :  BROKEN
and broken again!

                         navel houses ferment
                                         the static—
to have                          to lose
to wash your hair         until it turns
            BUBONIC  :  BLUE

smokescreens abound
a pocketful of peeled eyes

            SHAM  :  WALL
and wall is throw up in continual omnipresence

            OMNI  :  PRESENCE
the presence of perma propaganda
as Juliet bats her yes eyes
in the luminous lightning.

2. A Pile of Dead Bees

Through the ages backdrop historical proportion
and gravity tugging away at the skin
heart                soul,    nah      spirit,
now I,              I,                      I,                I,
I,          I,          I,          I, I, uh,            I,          I,
     I,                        I, in the August of my youth,
have to sit back and watch Technochracy itself
its entire idea and soulless ideal engulf the world I,  I,          I,
            I,          I have to witness this for the rest of my life? so if that’s
the case then this these new technologies need to get a whole lot better real quick—
if not then Dharma stick that needle in my eye so I can Tathagata Tathagata
Tathagat Tathagata Tathagata the rest of it away. 

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