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Olchar Lindsann - Five poems

Olchar E. Lindsann is a co-founder of the Post-NeoAbsurdist network, has published around forty books of poetry, critical theory, and avant-garde history, and has performed sound poetry across the US and UK. He is the editor of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press and the journals in-Appropriated Press and Rêvenance: Hauntings from Underground Histories. He lives in Roanoke, Virginia where he teaches at a progressive alternative high school and co-organizes the AfterMAF Festival, and maintains several archive dedicated to various aspects of the contemporary and historical avant-garde.

1. Lug s
“ravelled across a brutally magnetic blade of gra”
       -Elena Shvarts, Elegy on the 5th Cardinal Point of the Earth

“or for the dead to meet the dead, or for”
       -Joyelle McSweeney, What is the Necropastoral?

                  a slug or a kidney
                  is seeping eht lino
      leum smear on a slipped in stepped wh
                  ere yr spittle
      morphology of maggoty
reliance ventpump where the starshine twinks
                  le cheerful chort
                        le lugu,
      brious as the melt of fat
      sunsalted skelet, crawling, how it
            span with secret dust
            on sunken parch papillae
            on sockets quickened sand
      o ne wither pas nor skinrust pus
wrack avec the sugary cadavers
            nor quiver sagely ,nor
                  seep venom, venerant


2. Neighb'ours
"een-glass lamps, which hung down from dried human intestines. That done, he la"
-Princess Sappho, The Tutu (1891)

                        in the cavern skull-carven
                        ,a sofa of lung; in
                        the orifice office a
                        urinal ,pelvic; packed
                        into the kitchen spleens
                        sag on the armchair;
                        sprawl-crashed on the pubic
                        -wove carpet end tables;
                        through window-maw crack-
                        tooth-glassed grins rib-stacked
                        bookshelves  ;  swung
                        kneejointed door jamb
                        blocclotted with arm-
                        oir; crammed sophagus e
                        -blocking bum-puckered
                        the chimney with foot
                        -stool; spleen-plastered
                        the ceiling skin-flaked
                        dandruff-matted the stove
                        (where the butter sags;
                                    )in the sun-room
                        where the tonsils dry in
                        the sun where tinkled phalanges
                                    tap in the sun is
                                    where we keep
                        the sugar: help your


Pulls e
“ak, blooden my lungbone white, m”
-John Crouse (1994)

“uel teeth like scraps of burning skin.”
Jean Ray (1943)

                  slidened ribs
            like strips enamel craping
      incised snip populations hemmorh
            clot-grip lentilled ,age
where I wrench o follicles the hasp of innard
hôpital en lacerattitudinal when gulp
in seawaved ganglia eht rooting shred
            nor seep cutaneous
      in bedlam writhing clenchright cell
            the whiskers nerve enclosed
      panopticon of sinews wheezed
      et ere the spineshaft in the mangles
            reaps within the vat
your fat my gristle matte his tibia
      her stern um, cralckish, blenders
      nor the tents of for the factor
      eyes blasker, jaundiced, grestled
            coughing as a drowned:
      beating bonedry gainst the ribslashd


4. Liecster
     -Lanny Quarles
eoeeoegreeater liciensciencyeoeeoe
      eoeest ,cl n rngg , prieceops
eoeeoeceo”sz ience,,,,,öò,oeoo
hs, vchrrchrch r,lghtnme,ant ,eater' eceöööò,oeo
titueoóö ttt,c,t ssss g'needle,ererater oee
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu öò,oeoo,
ieu ööò,oeo,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu eoeoe,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu liciensc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ,oeoco,
ieu htnme,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu eooeo,  ieu ssffrtc,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu oeceo”o,
ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,  ieu ssffrtc,
oeoeeooeoeeoieu ssffrtc, eooeeooe
                              tragn ,e

-Composed to Jaan Patterson, Music for Shadows


5. Assassin
     I shiver with elation
       -Philothée O'Neddy, Fanaticism

      was it
captured in the rimtide's crashing
the nemesis of gorging slacks preparing for their plaster treason
      dread tongues
and maudlin sinks the centipede
    its skintight––fleshring
      in dual procession
  dreams of gnashing rainbows puff to the pommel
nectar bat-fur last contraption made to wring the necks of hangnail-resolutions
      or birds
flashed down from the sky comme cotton dandelions
who loves them loves them not they fly
they do not even scream