Hello there! It's been a while. Hope you are all OK. 2017 was rough to say the least. But i have managed to get through it relatively unscathed and even make a couple of issues of BNW.

And now something completely different!

On October 27th Stephen Nelson wrote the following:
"Write me a one word poem based on your spiritual beliefs or lack thereof". 

That is one of the most inspiring things ever to grace on Facebook. Seriously. Believe me on that. It is true. For real, for sure. Here's the proof:

It was followed by an influx of responses. There were all sorts of comments - clever, casual, overly creative, intense, obvious, underwhelming and many-many others. Such kind of things happens on Facebook all the time but it rarely if ever gets out. I thought it would be a good idea to document this particular occasion.

Also it was a chance to present a concept i'm currently toying with - unintentional guest makeshift anthologies. At first i wanted to do it with Ernest Hemingway' Blank Verse Celebration (still on, send your stuff) but it was around the time i was a bit overloaded so it fell off waiting for the right moment. And now is the time and it is already done so why not? At least it is fun.

This is Unintentional \ Makeshift Anthology. It was made on the fly with little thought behind. Rules for Unintentional \ Makeshift Anthologies are simple:
  1. it has to be conceived and gathered on the fly
  2. no actual intension to make an anthology is strongly recommended
  3. don't think about it (optional) 
  4. just do it
  5. see what happens next
  6. document it
  7. have fun
However that's not all to it. Such thing also serve another purpose - exposure. 
  1. lots of people are involved 
  2. that means they all are going to write about it 
  3. those precious posts will attract some people
  4. that means a lot of clicks to this very page. 
  5. that means some part of those who will wander here will also look elsewhere on the site 
  6. they will consider sending something.
  7. i will have less headache with submission flow.
Back to this anthology. Here's what Stephen Nelson have to say:
I just love one word poems, or pwoermds. I would lay down my life for a one word poem. I can't resist trying to spead the gospel of the pwoermd. I want everyone to write them. My other passion is spirituality, so why not combine the two? I'm very happy so many people got involved, and some of the poems are zingers. Others are just words that might not be considered poems at all but who says a word or a letter or a mark isn't a poem in its own right? Not me. The most exciting part was seeing people who wouldn't normally consider themselves poets responding with words which we have to categorise as poems, because I say they are, and so does Facebook, and so does God.
Without further due - Enjoy! 


Stephen Nelson's Unintentional Anthology of One Word Poems 
(based on spiritual beliefs or lack thereof)

Volodymyr Bilyk "eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious"


Sean Gallagher unkcaoffoanreli

Nico Vassilakis Transduction

Stephen Nelson enloiterment

Dan Andreana Jobial

Volodymyr Bilyk wankwhompwhop

Stephen Nelson Yeshuachoo

Geof Huth 0000000000

Bharati Ishaya ......!!!......!!!!!!!......

Quenntis Ashby Multideviationismaticalamityhashquintessence

Volodymyr Bilyk DoDooMooAARGH

Tim Cumming Aumgn

Mari Kempe ♻️❤️

Stephen Nelson Reekincar,Nate

Nathan D. Horowitz Sorry, left my lunch in there last week.

Dawn Nelson Wardrope Jeejoy ?? Never much good at this.

Stephen Nelson . ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ ...

Russell Jaffe CUPS

Volodymyr Bilyk CHIPs

Arlo Yates Fryingpantheism.

Amy Irwen Crusades

May Bery ^[[(?zero-divided-by-itself?)}}

Tucker Sampson tran

Joakim Norling --->?!?<---

Dylan Harris No

Lanny Quarles Whodunnit

Nathan D. Horowitz onewordisenoughforallofus

Drew Vaughn Self

Nathan D. Horowitz godvolution

Sonya Mujeeb Lalalaland

Dawn Pendergast BOOM

Gillian Prew compassionism

Roseanne Hart Clarity

Jean Meunier lovingcompassion

Leanne Bridgewater harkdarkspark

Nathan Alan Schwartz love!

Sean Smith heartearthearartear'rt

Colin McGuire Anythingarian

Volodymyr Bilyk Boobahvavoomzazou

Siân Sofia Bolton Heresentimental

Stephen Nelson rimstone

Denis Smith Alchemy.

Gary Martin compassionate

J. Michael Mollohan Compassion

Mike Donald Butler Ahhhhhh....

Jill Mclennan Joke

Bruce Andrews Why? ~

Eileen Hennessy ShebangsRUs

Jon Cone iambic

Cathy Thomas-Bryant Matters

Barton Young Love

Volodymyr Bilyk LaLeLuLeLo

Karl Kempton (old poem from the 1970s) g u r u

Carmen Meyer Feel

Katie Ford Reverence.

Sergio L Krul Unknown!

Kazmier Maślanka Moment

Connie M Rios Uninterested.

Connie M Rios Sham

Keiichi Nakamura m/e

Robert Julius Blokker dance

Clemente Padin Here´s... 

Kristian Trejos flow

Gabriel Kayo Feeling

Stephen Nelson fleeldglinglow


Tatiana Roumelioti Flickering

Kent Christensen FormlessAndVoid

Julia Webb outcast

Tero Hannula godog

Rosemary Tantra Bensko strike

Bill Beamer consciousness

Colin Upton Blarg

Volodymyr Bilyk Wawazat-Zing-Tumb

Hugh Tribbey rage

Billy Mavreas life

Alex Vladi Twi-Light

Florence Amat DispositionПереглянути переклад

Bill Beamer consciousness...

Dare Sohei hurrican.

Lauri Hei At

Lauri Hei a
is T.

Peter Ganick why............

Diane Keys Co-creation

Riobard Keith Zombocom

Michael Dec NO

Max Yrik Valentonis self

Thomas Brown too

Dirk Vekemans bababadalgharaghtahamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk!

Litsa Spathi rock

Allen Bukoff nature

Heath Brougher Panpsychism

Josh Romig Recyclable

Judith Copithorne 0❤️)!!0

Michael Dec nothingness

Jesse Glass abadaba honeymoon!

Mick Boyle Commonality

Dylan Kinnett yawn

Stephen Nelson endofal


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