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Steve Timm - Five Poems

Steve Timm have published 3 books of poetry: This's That (There Press, 2016), and Un storia (2010) and Disparity (2006), both with BlazeVoxHe teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Steve Timm also a performer of improvised sound poems (e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNSz6JG4tIw).

1. “Proxumal (Nearest)”
I feel the unstrangle fiddle                the flance longe profellant
                                                             idledove stardand fell fane
                                                                                                          fair and fat tint
                        shedgerdemands thet fuckfence stent flensile
                                                             morbly deg vile man her middle hance
               hidlious envature of the Theythers
                                                           it means we are mader than we’d like or thought
                        the estrangeneities sweevetile savethoughers
                                                                                              enthoughtened lightery
            trill trickestal alivering makenth aye me this i refwashed and fervenched
                          strolls me ears and thrall
zeal ont, my lithely honnery be
                                              suswunged whatty matters
      badpressy dentublakhan bankerpasture as he was aka’ed
                                   cozeneded vercure tethyeh bluzes verities
            theewankenda volunteery munge tarry-eynd focusear

isincutane      ligzuriant dastened a commæ’ forpennance
            psyzing cuneifutane zooks riancy tolerancid acneifumed macaoan naif forplent
                                                                                  that     ’d     ’o     ’t
                         kazoons and bonebows
                                                           briccuppy stribbon gudders
                                   cluds and zades, dures and ursts
                           huzzle accountenancers bindal secorns
                                                                                  ieties and titudes
—doozy’ll’n’t mean i wickened cuttend
                                               zoundly fedated and hizomynous ashrayamn
                        de-am fiantal aver’cordex pliample
                                               throbless lessheart butilely i stillgone
            ruttingly tingleroutined
                                   tyrironannically acutened to thentish touchédes
            vernstal thessuno the miso soltychs plaindeent tossine
                                                           surcrive antelse?
or gaveline gravules the lands aims
                                                           slaymants vergains virogynes
                                   gyrumphant glooker cungelics quive as mowl
                        thate aches acks acts as morrire
                                                                       there is none of the riffical

T          HES    E  A    RE MO           MEN               T   S    !
                   foredamnitted     fecpurls                 stidgings
            spanchings      wrengs                        terribulencies ove vorters      
                                       di-gnoscient achtenders

                                               migh chai tessage sautosteal
                        vamooserive cahootuant shebangatural hootenants
                                   vortering onces dabout
                                                           viperants and culperants
              burst glass vibrants, stiff urgents
                                               stavory versivals
                                     valce inflements ifles and disiguremands
                        chi’ gures iced-ingurds
                                                           stinge-ers, jumblestigms, stitalmerchers
loansy beadsm jiltrens, yone gode’s sundlikedly to merge to your sight
                           so lie on you’re the ears
                                                           and them fingers was captīved
                                                                                                               cuz de mains

<track 2>

            see       they hear ı mean and that can can make heard

2. “Tellurian (Pertaining to Earth or its Inhabitants)”

Swelt bathural dauber drumcan
       tore folds of the stuff
                      blump stunane middled with zerosures
            side language glosh distillent moned wet awking slamblance
                                                                          jodge me not yuntless your guilt i spussect
              it is a order a crayontle jeyuzzus
                                                           fraycontile abscondrite vermortant
                        a scrapebyer no very send
                                                   widged at the hintgarture a saesan or so a half
               suckling blue a saffringe’d sigh
                            a liearner anafliance canny vermember was it uh or nuh
                                                                       fly forns aches semmitch thrivelling brattards
                                               well-accuss me,          Moy-Wa-Ha
            dazz lay fizz wattlesy pleampole do say do and donor-siló
                        glitch mad rife diggledy

so c’here’s a wolofian joge, moanin cheriflefy
            pasture knog  woes dare      cy born    site leper whoon    satellite of lunve
            rue lead aweigh far wankler
                                   thelemin i emmeant, self nighed fellar anter

                it is the nowhere i like        the abouts off it          the verineverine lander
                        no play like laund of loamsome deedle auder
            laund o’ deeds, yezzerine shamesifter and maychant maneer
                                                                       thaint a starretter cuddledove braked me the twoer
                                   oaten woe silkicon levee        patter denauster
                        murmil of pother pards ons as deferench uddive youen due
                                               flowappency wind-doin’s      shunter touthingk
inic trivuals     murgsy mes     do i count       as firming echo quary
                                   i splen’t as i clou’n’t   de swee churchric seeder
            sewn in the sewerd’s nepths a worn totherwise
                                                           insurd a nocle-on that’s the placent

               we limp in sorbital tryin’s
                        survivitive amcumbrents
                                                                       loam lettors     sloyal tilitands           
delaver anyme emny time you sowed zealirette
                                               i’ dissue i luhshorned, sweath

3. “Alumo”

Stanking deluzial full lisional provenids drast astasy
       fetodes on the jeround
       wingsaway of a culipers
why fescent the lips the sound cremates
          well la-di-loint, lackajaunter, a fit taint your loiter clawth
   culowany curucis glandy vernile the knacker’s chest                   
                                    thumpersand awegains
                       reumphirant sessoul yowely rattenloyr
                                               one i picks ones mIddence pore and weasel
why did you liegen your suffer tassel slantern fall idled
                                                                      to aumnal revities i sung lumb musses
   zint even that you think                              butchery dew
            braille we shaker mundcomity as            /      tends, padrens, urnest unhelderings             
                                               renitic plunduition, cirrhence, thrombonesc       chivers diapers
fricalent tattirers take a spense a contáckaviral hen mercies     plung veridualities a cot, lessy
            thenged ceramies dorn a loont fracacidehooed kiln cowce? wide anmitous azoo
            key roud pluctongue thether jully dinge dange the oughtré ganglemar
                                                                       the furrique ash cue winch

                                   what if they was            was they      they w
                        panths afearer fings be unsetted      azimighth a mutey sconcrel sour loden
            peelray aimeners                     predu comvercialants dull digestence dunned adin
                                   joinet strugendure suggendival itch wend
                         nont mwah nwah flim genter anonly mesonite
                                   macerable emesobi     that’s motherfucker of course forstoont
                        aphid daint its            depids rudition for spart        claved c-lavids shoodowette

                  when simply you are cleft to you er use um
                                                                       no hezzes here, honorous wuns
                            jumps the plent ruth the terivable avalencies
chouce, baymbe, the resurrectures of pense

                                               the bewievabiw astunts befornous
                                   bear noose and trickle serk
                                                           swedged oh favorissimism
                                     sweazy tug nativalist
            scapeglow smatter gorgeantic beaugeous tattampanillery vamoozer
   what clother would you want
what fan or fenal veent
                                               reet a go-ran-ranrandiantsemilly
                        is it as so?
                                               temb do devide, latently late empt
                                   sembliers untine the crowffers abd cobers
     een whean unknownests compline is gard powr statuskics matindonts offknow         
dude, the thame
   and, deed
                                                                                                              very inces ensers zealures
                                               woll did them fuckandras sore fauned
                                                           tore folds of it
                                                                          scenced scrapertules unwot er helftolled
            ziens of simmery of cameras unsbled

 4. “Tayassus Pecari”

<with intrenchance tuppauce afforcesought>

Arterry masked assel flithe at the combinatorium
whatrins this grostle a friest sarked azoly
                                                           hello dere uncle stigpin
            do howled yoodoo, tefforizer
fetentioner and lexicautioner
                    to take care menses to care of tha test
cautments meandt
                                               andeur glanted
                             fascive errogrance suporstangeal frigatives and quilids, stubs and wovels
                   the woundsands of lozzed unslaced, incondrolible, ensconded
                                       terr me dorn laterive off your whiskency the davel
                         dreckonian coddlements fellaw-bonaed the unfeeance
singely beloned, canst aslide, ratirical monister
                                                       agents poligumes so chuste terrivals as birds eh
        or lingure porricks at their shities muckensing to freeroam the vulgerment
                                 what the glove ate? i nask a youer who than you’re, yon glan splant

        lemmings way sow bud sawved i mean a sowbug a flavor gadgeten
        thronly sanings suddowing gackside ornithing
                    napture ratiently

<thissèd whear>

who cun wan a gazer finder gripler tanxter f-f-f-f-f-f-f

            strop! marvelent! what metals the future
                        pone limpers dentate their unciliance their ancivile assiloence
                                                                                  scrope! drang feerls scavern tabenges
                                   you donut canowble dust cha
                                                                                  frames! lack of curbs!
            you wondern’t naiven copse hooyure
                                                           did you strafe your fidzeal to the rupeen
                        grazed pirates! gracious grazies

                                               stoll mirants attacadge midstle pernposes biancoming
                                   saze forange
                                                           chaze the murmutes    clozz the fenizon swea
                 it’s the likeliest liken, smades oonce cousers
                        commonal wan coman


                        impareil whatwhat rapprotch emendary but they when a did at froms toothed
         cowl’embacks drab street caul           as ensigns          pirants diddates mobual betach
                                   szawsz at the quenges            sgorrose finids reloom
            fortunatous certains make of a dipes stain to
                                                           toolerance inspeculmined tads flutternost
                                             earbringearbringer, clod-bleling swanthud
                                                 reticumules at the grengemiller’s bald         assoaring roaratives
            sweatgapes pundleboyerds gazzasawdruth pidgesloppen
                                                                       what a what a getwill, whithle ya?
                                   stamswer and swiles
                                                                                  whadda the likes the loofs twikelying
                                               stammerpod piebaldal ascentives dizzy sackers tonin’
                        coffinouned deverberent neverend striper
                            puling bullet resononder
                                                           death pulls a dart
                  the sick wells in their whency
                                  the other gull word a tonna ponk to brivato ta or tuh
                              teeutteredy parrel ingiter             swoons happen to triremes
            dungsies enjark ombunksmane          swordy idolecty
                                               deeked infarctune sheart

 5. “Peat” 

Waitressing the wadders
            was spools      norminal div wases wasats iswads and wadwhats
            to sich                 engerained figns
                                               ints dovecoted endrence to a viaisible criaving
                        tooken a took token to           vedelired rompises and prompletons
                            rapaced busual thrungs of cowders
               you hajjed your pratifles to korage your clingids
                                                                                  well i said you,yunneled catbagary
     baseclank bill of heans and sheites
                                                   vortal martyr diese at the repesode
                                   hanjure nighny outréwah sathes a sequetion
                                                           you wouldn’t now you were wrong until you dideye
              woundoo of woe      slabicles of sowor gyrf-anon
                        stern-to-snuds growed-agon
                                                           hathet rhoymes


foot hinder hind aliomimeo allorhiny dread stinny lossal fwords worn aegean
            nandlecoot secclusioner common nail chirr folliscle
                                                           eyefoaled wotter pinies foncer
               sluttile detend slendral dentillas
                                   this is forty neighther a vuh
            kohldern loplop, forwent i dewritcha indewickatime siccenine
                                               that’s suckletash in a flawvored tonegue
                        gutetainting it, abbituarntua?
                welsure oddrock owin’ tree
                                               finesen zenperch sommyside countrup assayed semipissy virer

                        jigglaufry selloff reacheter calvastry
                                   die pain gehilla if yoodamy anjel yadoo
                                                           best poke porxy swineire sostyne-a-wail
                                     syndalla torcets, dixem puppet
                                                                                        stragule vee strangule, shutteruggedler

            pedan saddenistra felth andily laise, fair lasso aferal asslehoe
               tangent me where i pleige   lick me flazebok soot ferished cherooq
                                   chumped consondands ashored in tiren volefleace
                        fanging shoures atuite zeffryn soowery prillains

                                               squat for raince
                                         feal jahooded
                                                           javeline sconcy ally usten sposible
                                   yammy refuse             stange meer the noosuelle
                                                           we acknause aweal
                                               we dually fluffiles of doty unthers as wheedle we-dom
                        i corrent let allele lone i
                                   pale drum proadge
                                                                       grimuyana knees flect

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