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Claudia Turner - Conversations since I began dating myself

Claudia Turner is from Jackson, WY, currently lives in Taos, NM. Got MFA from San Francisco Art Institute and BA in literature and film from University of Oregon. She had written a book and articles for magazines and newspapers. Currently works on a personal project. Loves to travel, cook, run and create. Read “Brave New World” in high school and it’s still one of her favorite books. In fact maybe she’ll read it again right now.


Conversations since I began dating myself

me: you're making me nervousme: doesn't everything make you nervous
me: so what
me: do you want to get ice cream?
me: I'd love to
me: here let me get the door
me: oh thank you
me: you look stunning
me: blush stop it
me: why're you so weird?
me: why're you talking to me?
me: being sweet
me: what's this all about?
me: it's your day off, ready to do something fun?
me: no
me: I just want someone who loves me unconditionally every day for the rest of my life 
me: that is utterly ridiculous
me: you worry too much 
me: no I don't, why do you think that? what did I say for you to think that? what does that mean anyway? what
me: I've never been on a hot air balloon 
me: who cares why are you talking?
me: how are you?
me: I'm sick of talking about myself
me: I'm kind of tired, tomorrow?
me: hmm idk I'm probably tired tomorrow
me: very serious all the time
me: my feet smell like pineapple. here, smell.
me: it hurts my feelings 
me: what?
me: everything
me: does something
me: ugh what a dork, stop
me: does something else
me: omg you're the worst
me: I'm sorry I've flirted with all of your friends at some point 
me: me too
me: I like you 
me [an hour later]: jk I don't like you i never liked you liking you would be fucking stupid
me: tell me i'm pretty
me: I'd fuck you

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