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Mendes Biondo - The song of the sand

Mendes Biondo is an Italian journalist and author. His works appeared on Visual Verse, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Literary Yard, Angela Topping Hygge Feature, Indigent A La Carte, The BeZine, Scrittura Magazine, The Song Is, Poetry Pasta and other magazines. He is one of the editors of The Ramingo's Porch along with Marc Pietrzykowski and Catfish McDaris. His first book of poems will be published soon by Pski's Porch Publishing.

The song of the sand
(author's comment: "I wrote it thinking about a common "grammelot" a language with no grammar at its back but able to be understood by everybody with no explanations." )

it was the sweetest song
I've ever heard
in all this time
I spent through the sand

the time of steps
the rithm of wind
a prayer from nowhere
that nobody sang

the swinging of night stars
the breath of the sleeping snake
the rattle of women's anklets
the stomps of camels

that song lost in time
and remembered by the elders
able to stop waters
says so

shalamael af za ganabh
shalamael shi ra zafh
fisolih al sherieh
saaliman upsedeh

tongalep gadrioah
shanion zedech